Monday, September 13, 2010

the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving...

holy experience

152. Home School Funding & Teacher Support, a tremendous blessing.

153. Rain, lifegiving Rain.

154. A paperchasing question answered by God’s provision. Our mortgage statements are now paperless. One less stack of paper forwarded to a dear friend who cares for things while we are “somewherelse.”

155. SUNSHINE, Beautiful, Glorious Sunshine. Children scrap the books for fresh air, nature, industrious play. For winter is coming.

156. The sense of being “at home” in the new fellowship. The excitement to get to know this part of the family.

157. Being invited for coffee, fun conversation with adults, listening to dice tossing, pieces tapping and children laughing.

158. RAIN!

159. The prayers of a child…so simple and straight to it…and though “the well is dry”, clear water continues to flow from the tap.

160. A new week stretched out before us, with plenty of good things to do.

161. A tentative plan for “going home.”

162. My failure is uncovered, revealed in words right before my eyes. My ignorance replaced by understanding.  And the gratitude overflows as once again I see the HAND which will not leave me in my ignorance and sin.

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