Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prayer of a King...reworded by a Mother

reworded by a Mother, that

my teaching and guidance be refreshing like the spring rain on newly leafed trees, like the showers that fill the dry wells.  May the gifts of her Lord, the children, flourish during their growing up under her.

Marme's paraphrase from Psalm 72:6&7


  1. I'm not a mother, but I'm trying to build up a team that will do great things. What an awesome prayer that I offer them something worthy of being compared to spring rain on newly leafed trees!

  2. LOVE this...

    Every home educating mother's prayer.


    amy in peru

  3. I have missed a lot of your posts recently, Michelle, and I just was so blessed by them! You have a way with words! And your girls are lovely! And you are teaching them what is truly important and best! And I love your autumn pictures!!!! : )


  4. amen and amen, friend. your heart is so beautiful. i'm so glad you linked up. your children will call you blessed... e.


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