Monday, September 27, 2010

An Invitation to Walk...

The blaze was brilliant as I opened the door to let the dogs out.  The blue sky, the sunlit gold leaves, the white moon hanging low...

An so I walked, knowing fully that earth is crammed with heaven, every common bush afire with God. (Elizabeth Browning) 

And He walked with me, as the dogs danced around my feet, and the leaves fell with the sound of rain in the quiet forest. 

He whispered on the wind and in the ripples on the water. 

He greeted me with the Castor canadensis, two of them, swimming over to give me the tail slap hello.

And as I prepared to walk back home, to the morning preparations of the Sabbath, these...

Three sweet last flowers, for these

sweet youngest gifts, the third not here becuase the photo was DARK.

Glorious gift, this invitation to walk, just HE and i.  A perfect beginning to another week of counting His endless gifts.

172. Pens and deep yogurt. Writing Class is Delightful.

173. Worship over lunch.

174. Protective clothing.

175. Isaiah 43:23

176. A child who has chosen to cultivate joy.

177. Stamina increasing. A strong heart.

178. Christmas request from a child, to hold babies in Guatemala.

179. Sweet, encouraging running companion.

181. A call from our eldest, just becuase.

182. The head rested on my shoulder as I read Little House on the Prairie, one more time, to our youngest.

183.      Hope.

holy experience


  1. Glorious gift, this invitation to walk, just HE and i.

    Beautiful gifts.
    Thank you for sharing this day.

    Enjoy the walk gratitude friend :)

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day! We are not nearly so far into fall as you appear to be, although as steam rises off the deck furniture these last two days, it occurs to me that we may not be far behind.

  3. What a beautiful post!

    Thank you for joining Sew Many Mamas too!

  4. Your post touched my heart. Such a sweet list and the image of you on a walk with the King and such beautiful pictures...simply lovely.
    I join you in gratitude for time to read to our little ones and for those who encourage us along life's way.

  5. Hope has been a precious gift this year. Glad to see it's one of yours as well...


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