Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gaze Outside and Breathe

When your desk looks like this...
And your camera doesn't even catch the pile on the printer, nor the stack on the floor, and the one heaved over to the shelf,

Take a moment, or two, or MORE
to gaze outside

to remember with gratitude
the gifts that caused the pile up...

Health insurance that covers the bills of new glasses for one, new lenses for another, doctor appointments and perscriptions, the reciepts needing to be filed with the claims.

School books, rich literature arriving, reciepts ready to be submitted for reimbursement,and all the ladies have as much anticipation as Christmas or birthday.

Beautiful children who
have completed
all their scholarly work for the day
and helped set the house straight

a weekend of rest
so that Mom exhaled with relief
when the unexpected visitor stopped by to return a dish, filled with pumpkin & chocolate,
and my eyes find only

 clean spaces, and smiling faces.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


  1. Hi :o)
    Stopped by from SouleMama's blog..
    You are so right about being thankful. It truly is the only way to walk.

  2. What a great reminder to see the blessings instead of the mess! Love the shot of the trees. Gorgeous!


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