Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teaching Children to Walk with Him...

A few years ago I earnestly sought information and ideas to give Christmas back to Christ, having come to this parenting adventure with very little understanding of Christ and whole lot of conformation to this world.

In my searching, I read about the ministry of St Nicholas and the idea of Feast Pigs grew in my heart.

About two years ago, on December 6, the day we now celebrate St Nicholas Day, my sweet daughters found gold foil covered chocolate coins, paint and white ceramic Piggy banks with a letter by their shoes.

The letter invited them into the joy of giving.

So as the children painted their FEAST PIGS we talked about the “feast” they can save for and give to someone else for Christmas.

Throughout each year the girls contribute a portion of their tithes and offerings.

"Feast Pigs" used during our temporary move, to avoid breaking the ceramic pig.
  And throughout the year I try to gather information on ministry opportunities that may match the ideas and desires of their hearts.  Some of ministries our children have discovered are...

Hats & Scarves for the Homeless Ministries in our US hometown

Fleece blankets for Fire Rescues.

Stuffed animals to donate to the Pediatric ward at our local hospital.

Feast Pigs have become exciting part of Christmas throughout the year for our family.  And they are a small thing we hope will encourage our children to Walk with Him everyday, as they prepare for the Christmas each year..

A small thing we hope will encourage our children in their Walk with Him.

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