Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chica's Nature Discoveries...

Chica is our inquisitive, observant, adventurous nature girl. It is nearly impossible to take a walk with this sweet girl. More like a sllooowww move from flower to blade of grass to ladybug, to grasshopper, oh look at this, come HERE and see this, meander.

Lately Chica's been quite interested in the FUNGUS/Mushrooms/Toadstools that are everywhere thanks to the abundant rain. It's taken a few conversations but I do believe she understands that no matter what the trail guides say, we are NOT going to pick any to add to our salads.

She enjoys taking my camera out for a few minutes to capture some of the wonderful things she sees from time to time.  We're thinking it might be time for her to have her own.

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  1. This makes me SMILE! I think I would enjoy a walk with Chica! I think I might just learn a lot from her!



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