Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life & Internet Connections...

Blogging has taken a backseat lately.  We have been busy with school lessons, trying to avoid monster mosquitoes and swimming, lots of swimming.  Chica and Marme are taking lessons, learning to swim.  We also discovered another pool in a nearby town with...diving boards.  We've taken many treks there, as I have 2 girls who have a growing interest in diving lessons.  Think, ballerina and gymnast, wanting to learn to twist and twirl in the air.  There is also the issue with having wiggy internet connections and usage billed by data, that has me waiting until we visit the library to upload anything.

But soon, some posts on our recent adventure to Edmonton, Alberta.  Builder had 5 days off and off we went.  Lots of fun in those 2 days of driving and 2 days of playing.  The girls and I so enjoyed the city, with it's opportunities and bookstores...  First though, I have to sort out those pictures with a little storytelling.

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  1. I can just picture your ballerinas diving!
    Good for you in learning to swim! I have been surprised in how much pleasure I have had from my swims! It is the most refreshing exercise! My husband could barely swim in November and now he can swim for miles!
    I am glad you had such a great trip!
    Sorry about your touchy internet, but I bet you are having a great school year!



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