Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton Alberta

Canada's Largest Living History Park. This was one of the best livinig history parks I have visited.

First, Chica has a great fascination with TRAINS and all things FIRE STATION. We were able to ride on this steam train!

Builder and the girls spent some time asking questions and listening to the history of this particular train.

After the train ride we visited the Fort. And spent a little time reading about the history of this northern fort, and watching some re-enacting.  I didn't get many pictures this time around...

The furs were lovely to touch!

While the other 2 walked over to the teepees,       

we 3 took a stroll down to see this...

After some time at and around "the Fort" we walked to the beginning of 1885 Street, and took a stagecoach ride.

Yes, this had counted for some "school" hours.  We had a little lunch...

There was a little disturbance caused the some issues with the traveling Doctor and his Miracle Tonic.

There were also great home, farm and business sites on the 1905 and 1920 streets.  This summer I've taken so fewer pictures and now realize I don't really have much for this trip.  At the individual homes there were actors, living out the various aspects of life during this time.  We came across a woman making a beautiful hat on her porch, who carried on a conversation about fashion and modesty with our girls.  At another home we ladies were invited to join in exercising our bodies and minds to keep them strong.

I also enjoyed going into each of the churches, looking at the architecture, and the alter emblem displays.  In one of the schools there was a poster for the Cree language symbols.

A little later, on 1920 Street things became "familiar."  So much reminded me of my grandparents home and neighborhood.  We even stopped at a corner store to have ice cream, cotton candy and coke in the glass bottle.  Funny the flood of memories that can be brought forth.

Our last stop was the Midway.

It was a great day and a place we would enjoy returning to, after we study those time periods in history again.

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