Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude of Gifts...

holy experience

125. Letters to the tooth fairy, sharing the Gospel, and asking for a gift for a sister.

126. More rain. It’s been such a dry spring and summer, several days of rain have brightened this forest green.

127. Survivor games at the community pool. Total, complete FUN! What a great staff to plan and share summertime fun with the children. Lifeguards smiling bigger than the kids…wait, some of them are still kids.

128. Builder comes home Early one evening, to eat dinner, read 3 chapters, hug and pray and get to bed by 8.

129. An appointment with an optometrist is available, only 1 hour away, in the town we already had plans to travel to this Friday.

130. The kind gardener who sees the weeping girl in her mother’s arms, so sad from the story, and brings her a pot of flowers, showing the girl the clear difference between kindness (good) and pure meanness (evil). Eases the terrible grief in the face of seeing wickedness so real.

131. So many stories to read, to share, to think on…encouraging us on to faithfulness, kindness, love.

132. No more Amblyopia! Sweet girl does need glasses all the time now, but both eyes are working well, together.

133. Some terrific, wonderful, no bad, very good days.

134. Maids that work through the night (washer, dryer, crockpot)

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