Monday, July 5, 2010

Multitude Monday ~

holy experience

118. Lazy summer morning conversations about higher learning…algebra, geometry and logic. The excitement of both girl and mom to grow up wise and strong. Learning along with my children is one of the many gifts on this adventure of homeschooling.

119. The surgical procedure was done, and tender mercies were so obviously surrounding Dad. Slept well the night before, a surgery was cancelled, bumping his up, no time to lay in bed and ponder what to come. Just sweet slumber, then drowsey with premeds. Mercy.

120. Quiet mornings, except the sweet voice of one playing “circus” with her playmates…Shiloh, Killer, Bandit.

121. Bubbling laughter in the pool as Builder, Marme & the girls play Sharks & Minnows.

122. Long weekends ~ with everything on the list completed before Sunday Sabbath.

123. Father is released from the hospital to recover in his own home. Sister is able to return to her home, family, knowing Dad is well cared for by friends.

124. Rain! Night long, soaking rain. The thirsty earth now wet with lifegiving water.

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