Friday, June 25, 2010

Snapshot Summary

Monday 6/21/10, we stop by the post office, and there in the parking lot is his truck full of flowers.  Girls skip over while I gather the mail.  This is a little sampling of what we came home with.  Flowers, tomatoes, vegetables, and an invitation to visit their greenhouses for a field trip!
Tuesday 6/22/10, Pool Day Fun.  How blessed we are by the town's recreation center and swimming pool!  We spend several afternoons a week there.  Lots of floating toys, occassional waves, and great, friendly lifeguards.  Today I took my first swimming lesson.  Turned out to be a private lesson, as no one else showed up.  My legs still feel like aching jelly, but it's going to be great!  On top of it all, I was given the opportunity to encourage a young believer, as she talked about searching for a real, personal relationship with the Father!

Wednesday 6/23/20, We have put all those plants into pots and gardens.  The tomato plants in the plants are doing well, but those we put in the gardens were investigated by the neighbor's pups, and trampled :(  Chica is trying to revive this one.
On the eve of my 42nd birthday.  No better gift than simply life with my precious family.  But they did shower me with celebration...a lemon raspberry  cake, binoculars!, a cool compas and a blue tooth.  Can you say "adventures ahead"?

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