Monday, June 14, 2010

A Multitude of Gifts

holy experience

75. Life remembered, cherished.
76. Painfully walking into the full home, which is now empty, because Grandma has gone HOME.
77. Seeing many faces from all over, once again.
78. Family. Extended and close. All of it is part of each of us. And each of us is part of it.
79. Fort wars.
80. Motorcycle ride with my Beloved. Still makes my heart beat wildly.
81. A girl, just like her momma, loving the wind in her hair and no walls around her.
82. Juice made by the hands of a nephew, for the parched travelers.
83. A relationship restored, the children witness the miraculous hand of God as He continues to restore and grow the family tree.
84. A trusting call for help.
85. VA medical care, care exceeding expectations.
86. Healing assured.
87. Cousin laughter, stories, hugs.
88. Ice cream with grandparents.
89. Sisters married men who are able. Who care and love deeply.
90. Sister Daughters sharing the responsibility.
91. Girl cousins sharing clothes, makeup, secrets, laughter.
92. Boy cousins sharing light sabers & nerf guns.
93. COUSINS sharing the pleasure of family.
94. Sister Moms sharing surprise of daughter niece turf water wars.
95. Go cart racing.
96. Being trusted by a child. No small thing.
97. He welcomes us, me, warmly, back to our home, back to his arms.

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