Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes, they are learning...

Saturday evening drive home from an afternoon of swimming...

Girl 1 "Mom, do aspen trees grow to be very big around?"

Mom "Yes, some do grow quite big, some have large diameters."



Girl 2 "DIAMETER! I hear 2 Greek words, dia and meter, metron.... Measure through?"

Mom, "Yes, metron ~ through, across, measure across. And to measure around the circle is to find it's circumfrence."

Girl 2 "wow! But what is the other word for measuring around?

Mom "Perimeter, for measuring around rectangles."

Girl 2 "right." then a deep silence and she searches her memory banks for peri...which we have not learned yet.

Now, let me tell you. This was actually Girl 5, the youngest of the bunch, at 7. The one who is CONSTANTLY examining, evaluating, questioning and very often, exclaiming! The one I did not expect to gain much from our "English from the Roots Up" moments each week. The one with which I planned to go though this year's lessons in another 4 years. Knowing these things about her, why did I not expect?

They listen. They learn. The bar is set high for this Marme.

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