Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesdays are for Science & Nature Explorations...

But we did not get our nature walk in. We drove to the Mill Pond after a quick run to town for electrical tape and distilled water to find that the mosquitoes were FIERCE.

So, we spent a few minutes peering at the ones swarming the windows from inside the van. We all agreed, mosquitos are...GROSS and SCARY.

We drove home and I pondered...when will we get in our nature walks without being eaten by 6 legged animals. And it came to me!

I woke the girls at Wednesday morning at 6, we grabbed muffins and hot drinks and headed out. The weather was cool, the breeze was light and the sun was UP. As we approached the Mill Pond from the North East I noticed some swift swimmers...yep, beavers.

We watched for awhile and then headed to the west beach area. What delight met us there. A red winged blackbird flitted and flew all around, singing his song. Ducks and Loons and other unidentified birds swam, dived, called.

And the beaver approached. Closer. Closer still. It appears that Shiloh (our dog) and the beaver were quite interested in one another. There was a lot of nose twitching going on.

Then he did it....SPLASH.

Watch all the way to the end of the video, we think it's well worth the minute or so wait :)


  1. I really enjoyed sharing part of your adventure with you! What a great idea to get up before the pesky mosquitoes!
    You are having so many memory making experiences and true learning; WONDERFUL!


  2. How fun to have the outdoors as your school room! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    p.s. That Hinds Feet quote is one of my all time favorites :-)


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