Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Sabbath

Scripture and memory box, open, ready.
tuesdays unwrapped at catsMaple Cinnamon Rolls

Bufflehead Duck
We don't know their name yet, but we're still investigating. Aren't they beautiful?

In this season we have added an international move to the job change, which has taken us from the CITY to the forest, and we have not found a church home away from home, a larger community of believers to gather with. This is partly becuase of the fatigue that results from 6 long days a week.

But we have discovered the sweetness of family worship. Letting the worship and fellowship linger all day. Soaking in the needed closeness, letting the laughter roll, singing HIS praises, together, no rushing...but a day to pause.


  1. So glad you enjoyed your family worship and relaxing day together.

    I am joining in from N Ireland for the first time at Unwrapped Tuesday.

  2. : )
    This is a time your whole family is going to treasure and remember forever!


  3. very lovely.
    my family also cherishes those sundays that we elect to be together at home. worshiping in our way.


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