Monday, May 17, 2010

One Thousand Gifts...

holy experience
14. Strong warm hands taking my cold, tired hands, enveloping them in strength and love, not so tiny hands pulling mine, in vibrant, come with me I want to show you something in excitement and love.
15. Flickers of wisdom, understanding and discernment, knowledge and love growing brightly in young eyes.
16. Witnessing the sisters embrace in their play, reaching out in love during the joy of the moment.
17. Answered cries for help, morsels of helpful truth whispered in the early morning.
18. Anticipation and planning, a 6 day family adventure is brewing…and shhh, it’s a surprise!
19. Letting them play until the chill drives them in. They burst in with the scent of outdoors and flushed cheeks, cold hands reaching for an embrace of welcome.
20. Popsicles after poetry. A popsicle for mom during poetry to encourage them on ;)
21. Science Tuesday! Our favorite thing on Tuesday, that with staying home all day.
22. Snuggling through the “Big Woods” one more time, with a sweet 7yo, the youngest, the last…savoring this time, so rich, so precious.
23. Success! The pancake men didn’t become pancake blobs this time  Practice makes improvement, even in pancake men cooking.
24. Letting the surprise slip and hearing the children say, “oh Marme, it’s still a GREAT surprise.”
25. Planning family retreats and being more excited about what the LORD has planned during that time.
26. Sweet, wise hubby hugging me firmly and asking where the failed science experiment is, then quickly, kindly explaining the reason for my failure.
27. And despite his fatigue that is even greater than mine, cheerfully doing the experiment at 8:45 pm, with giggly, eager, excited, energetic daughters ~
28. And of course, the experiment succeeds, and the children go several layers deeper than this mother could have led them.
29. Sleepy snuggles in the early morning to chase the bad dreams away, then tucking the sleepy snuggler in to Daddy & Mommy’s bed

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  1. These certainly are wonderful gifts!!
    I loved each one of them and they made me SMILE!
    Enjoy your "surprise" getaway! : )


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