Monday, May 3, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

holy experience

1. The melody of praise greets me every morning, bird songs as the trees wave their bare branches, waiting for the dressing of green,

2. I open the door for Builder Man to head out to work… There has always been work for that strong man who desires to love and provide for his family.

3. We have an abundance of fuel for our wood stove, which gives warmth to our bones as we begin our days in the chilly early morning, this one greets us with a blanket of new snow.

4. Sweet children who never miss the opportunity to encourage and affirm their mother. Isn't that my role, to encourage and affirm their hearts, and wait til years later for their sweet words.

5. Dear sweet friends, to share hearts with, to pray with, to walk this Walk with.

for this and so much more I am grateful today.

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