Monday, May 31, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience
51. All day, gentle rain. Green is greener, stronger hues of life.
52. Understanding.
53. Laughter between sisters, so excited about the many firsts to come.
54. Earth soaking rain in the night. A rhythmic lullaby.
55. Littlest one still needs nightnight and bunny to travel with.
56. Watching for forest fairies, we know they are out there.
57. Sleepy eyes after a luscious afternoon nap.
58. Tulips and Pansies!
59. Neighbor pups arriving in the early morning to “play” with the Border shepherd.
60. Forest roads with overgrown trees and butterflies.
61. Home, sweet home.
62. Short work week again.
63. Book learning brought to life by family visit to the tide pools. Eyes wide open at the vibrant colors we never imagined living in the grey rocky pools, soon to be covered again by the approaching waves. A violent cold world limiting access to it’s abundant life.
64. Great disappoint gives way to new knowledge, understanding.
65. Pondering recent stories read, looking deeper into human motives with Maezie on the brink of growing up. Seeing her eyes flicker with deep thought, me wondering, what are the plans HE has for her, this deep thinking, strongly articulate, sweet spirited beauty.
66. Mmm, home brewed coffee, just the way Builder makes it, just the way I like it.
67. Happy dog smiles, soft cat purrs.
68. The hum of the washing machine, thankful for the convenience of doing laundry while I type, wash dishes, and all the other things at home.
69. Awestruck as i listen to a daughter intelligently converse with staff at the Ocean Discovery center and then, informed she’s nearly old enough to join in the work. This from a young girl raised miles and miles from the ocean, but blessed with living books full of colorful descriptions. Thank you Jeannie Fulbright!
70. Grace available immediately, when the failure is brought to light, again.
71. Living room becomes the Aquarium Zoo, full of the stuffed animals now renamed to join in the imaginative replaying all that was explored and discovered.
72. Twirly skirts and laughter.
73. Fallen trees in the road, creating the opportunity for a new route, a new adventure.
74. Tender new life, protected by the Border shepherd, who calls us, to show us.


  1. Earth soaking rain and overgrown trees...sounds beautiful.

  2. Delightful to meet you and share in your thankfulness today. Simply beautiful, simply today.

    Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you as I twirl in my skirt.

    New to the gratitude community,

  3. I love reading your many gifts


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