Friday, May 28, 2010

Bird Watching in May

Bufflehead Duck

These are not all the birds we saw, but getting photos of those quick flyers takes more time and patience that we can afford sometime. Hope you enjoy a peek at what we did "catch."

Loon couple at the Mill Pond, Jackfish Lake area

We are not quite sure yet, the name of these birds. Think they are Grebes, but need to get out the bird book and take a closer look. Can you see how low they sit in the water?

They are quite stricking aren't they? (Mill Pond, Jackfish Lake Area)

There was a rackett over head and I looked up to watch a group of sea gulls chasing this Bald Eagle. I've been waiting for quite awhile to get a photo opportunity like this one! (Taken by the Fisgard Lighthouse, Vancouver, British Columbia)

The gulls chasing the eagle were quickly joined by others that flew in from out over the water. Anyone want to guess at what the eagle had been up to?

That's what we suspect as well!

Blue Heron ~ outside the Vancouver Maritime Museum

We waited and watched for a few minutes, and the heron did find a tastey bite to enjoy while we snapped pictures.

Hyacinth Macaw at the Vancouver Aquarium. While not spotted out on our nature explorations nor native to the area (ha), they are wonderfully pretty and just had to be included.

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  1. yay! we are focusing more on birds right now in our nature study and it is SO interesting! where are you from originally? ooh. and I wanted to say that you don't have your e-mail activated in blogger. if you do that, I can respond right to your comments by e-mail. it's more fun that way to extend the conversation...

    amy in peru


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