Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Springtime brings the birds

Last week a friend and I were discussing the "leaf out" and she explained to me some of the signs of spring in the area. Nearer to town the leaf out had begun and someone reported seeing a robin.

We live about 12 miles north of town, and appear to be about a week or more behind in the appearance of the stages of spring.

During this past weekend we spent quite a bit of time in the forest and around the ponds that are all around. As we drove by the Mill Pond I snapped a few blurry pictures of the swans...and just missed the "heart".

The next day we wandered by foot to the Mill Pond, late in the afternoon. While Builder Man took the lovely ladies for a paddle boat ride, I took the delightful opportunity to bird watch.

I saw the first robin of the season...

A melodic quick red wing blackbird escaped my camera's grasp.

And this morning, darting past several windows and lighting upon the railing just outside the window directly in front of me, a blue jay. Of course, he flitted away before I could get the camera ready.

Later, as we sat on the deck working on our school lessons these song birds gave us lovely music...


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